The New York Historical Society’s 65 million dollar renovation project chooses Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass as their entrance displays.

“Lincoln and Douglass quintessentially point to the story we tell through our exhibitions, programs and extraordinary collections about the open-ended history of American freedom, and our nation and city’s accomplishments, as well as failures to make good on the promise of liberty and equality for all.”

- Louise Mirrer, the society’s president and chief executive

Read the whole article via the New York Times.

Fondly do we hope… Fervently do we pray draws inspiration from the words of Frederick Douglass as well as Abraham Lincoln. Watch A Good Man to see how Bill T. Jones brought the words of these iconic men to the stage and illustrated how their word still resonate with the world today.

Oh wait…A Good Man is showing in NYC this Saturday at 11:45am at the IFC Center? How fitting! See you at DOC NYC! Get Info.

"Even in our film, which is really about the creation of art, for the audience, it still brings up a lot of issues to think about: slavery, the legacy of Lincoln, democracy, what is democracy today, things like that." -Filmmaker Bob Hercules says about documentary A Good Man.
What captured me was the beauty and gracefulness of the dancing, the powerful aesthetic movements of the dancers. A subject I know nothing about, have never had any interest to know anything about, yet I now found fascinating. But this is not a documentary about dancing, nor Abraham Lincoln, or even about Bill Jones. It’s about an artist’s struggle to make his art.